Paz Vega



Actress Paz Vega during 72nd edition of Venezia Film Festival in Venice 3 September 2015.

Actress Paz Vega during 72nd edition of Venezia Film Festival in Venice
3 September 2015.

This weekend, the look of the fashion world is set on Venice, the city of love and film. There, Paz Vega, a member of the jury for the 72nd edition of La Mostra (which is taking place these days) dazzles, surprises and captivates through her glamorous looks, always with Orson Salazar by her side, the man in her life. It’s not an easy task to pick just one of her styles. And that’s because each and every one of them have something magic that make them look unique and special.

For its passion, the red dress that the actress wore last Thursday the 3rd between channels and emotion may be the one that arises as the most desirable. The keys to achieving her outfit? In the first place, obtaining the main piece. In this case, the little red dress evolves into a model with a hint of vintage, made out of stamped gauze with golden reflections and a pointillist touch. The skirt’s curve and the diaphanous sleeves with ruffles on the cuffs contribute to emphasizing its retro aesthetics. An extra detail? The frill waist, ideal for highlighting the curves with no stridency and in a very feminine manner.

As accessories, merely some classic Oxfords in black patent leather and her everlasting celluloid diva shades, more current than ever in the Venice Film Festival.  The definitive beauty touch? Rouge lipstick, of course.


Paz Vega y Orson Salazar

Everything is better when shared. So is good taste when it comes to clothing. There’s no better example for it than the beautiful couple that Paz Vega and her husband make in the City of Love. His sophisticated but casual charm is added to her vintage movie star look. The key to achieve that is combining regular clothes with more formal ones. A white t-shirt, straight-cut trousers in marine blue and a black blazer, with Oxford shoes and Ray-Ban shades are a perfect solution.

The final outcome is a great style for both of them, that could perfectly fit any weekend romantic setting. Because it’s not necessary to be surrounded by Haute Couture, gondoliers and exclusivity in order to ooze love and mutual admiration as they do. From Madrid to Paris, love is lived through fashion as well. Or, rather, it is reflected when looking at a happy couple.


​Since her arrival in Venice, Paz Vega hasn’t ceased to elicit the interest of the specialized press with her outfits. Her friendly competitor, and also part of the festival’s jury, Diane Kruger, has as well. The battle of style going on between them is turning out great: Ralph & Russo Haute Couture versus Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo’s Resort versus Preen’s. Fighting spirit has never been so beautiful! Their best weapon? Their own personality, applied to their outfits. A recipe for success when wielded by either of them.